• Take a taxiboat to the sea
    Easy and safe journey
  • From one harbour to another
    Enjoy every moment
  • A boat trip
    to archipelago nature
  • Archipelago roundtrip
    tailor made for you
  • Unforgettable moments
    with friends and loved ones
  • Professional captain
    guarantees your safety
Monday, 24 June 2019

Transport by Taxi Boat to the Archipelago Sea and Åland Islands in the Summer of 2019


The taxi boat is at your service in the summer 2019. 

Are you going to the archipelago alone or in a group? Livonsaari Group Oy Ab, located in Naantali, provides an effortless way to travel a short or a slightly longer distance across the sea -order a reliable boat taxi to take you to your destination! We provide taxi transport and charters in the whole archipelago area, for groups as well as for individuals in a boat taxi for 1+8 persons. We also serve you in Swedish and English.


We Serve in the Archipelago Sea and Åland area

Our home port is in the Perla shipyard, but we can take passengers on board anywhere in the archipelago or the Åland Islands. Depending on the situation, travel and transport to the Archipelago Sea are possible even on a tight schedule (on the same day if needed). Another option is to book a boat taxi in advance.


We will take you where you need to go

When you need a boat taxi, you know who to turn to! For a casual ride or festive occasion, a boat ride to admire scenery, transport to the cottage or for a visit to the archipelago, please contact usand book your transport on the same day or in advance!